Bergen International Conference
on Forensic Psychiatry
September, 2022

Archive 2011, on Psychopathy

Here you will find the keynote presentations and their corresponding videos from the 2011 edition
of the Bergen International Conference on Forensic Psychiatry
we hope you will find this to be a valuable resource.

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The Bergen conference also created a ‘think-tank’ for developing future treatment methods and targets from the best available knowledge. Based on feedback from both attendees and presenters, we are satisfied that the conference successfully met its objectives and was enjoyed by all who participated. We hope to see you all again at 3rd Bergen Conference in a few years time.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline, Siri, Helge Andreas & Knut


Presentations and Videos

The presentations are formatted in chronological order according to the programme in 2011.

Keynote: John Livesley
Current issues in the classification of personality disorder
PDF Video
Keynote: David Cooke
Psychopathy: Capturing an elusive concept
PDF Video
Keynote: Kate Davidson
Personality disorder treatment: What we know, and how could it relate to psychopathy?
PDF Video
Plenary: What may work for psychopaths (i) Peter Tyrer
Is ‘Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder’ a useful concept
PDF Video
Symposium: Stephen Hart
Conceptualising psychopathy using the CAPP: Formulation over numbers
PDF Video
Symposium (cont): Helge A. Hoff
What do we think about when we think about psychopathy: Prototypicality research
PDF Video
Plenary: What may work for psychopaths (ii) David Thornton
Treating Psychopathic Offenders: Baby Stepping into the Future
PDF Video
Plenary: What may work for psychopaths (iii) Stephen Wong
Risk reduction treatment for high risk psychopaths: Reality or oxymoron?
PDF Video
Plenary: What may work for psychopaths (iv) Henk Nijman & David Bernstein
The TBS system in the Netherlands and its applications to psychopaths
PDF Video
Plenary: Rüdiger Müller-Isberner
Untreatable? There might be exceptions!
PDF Video
Plenary: Nick Wilson
Beating the odds: Desistance pathways for psychopathic offenders based on long term follow-up studies in New Zealand
PDF Video
Keynote: Barry Rosenfeld
Is “mindfulness” good for psychopaths?
Adapting Dialectical Behavior Therapy to psychopathic criminal offenders
PDF Video
Keynote: Mary McMurran
Motivating people with personality disorder to engage in treatment using a goal-based approach
PDF Video
Plenary: Tom Palmstierna
Treatment or control of substance abuse, what’s in it for the psychopathic patient?
PDF Video
Plenary: Kim Mueser
Working therapeutically with persons with antisocial personality disorder and comorbid psychosis or bipolar disorder
PDF Video
Plenary: Lorraine Johnstone
Working therapeutically with young people at risk of developing psychopathy
PDF Video
Plenary: Caroline Logan
Working therapeutically with women with psychopathy
PDF Video
Keynote: Chris Patrick
Conceptualizing psychopathy in terms of boldness, meanness and disinhibition: Implications for prevention and treatment
PDF Video
Keynote: Stephen Hart
Understanding and treating clients with psychopathy: A way forward
PDF Video