Bergen International Conference
on Forensic Psychiatry
September, 2022

Archive 2016, on Personality Disorder

These are the films and presentations from the 4th edition of our conference.

We hope you will find this useful and keep following this site for updates.


The 4th edition of the Bergen Conference focused on Personality Disorder. Here in beautiful Bergen we achieved our goal in presenting a comprehensive look at personality disorder and the challenges this diagnosis brings to health care and the community. Our esteemed presenters managed to enlighten all participants with their research and insights gained through their work in this field. We are grateful to all the presenters who have agreed to let a video of their presentation with corresponding slides be available on this website. We know these videos have had an impact in countries far from Norway. We hope to visit this theme again in a few years to follow up on some of the questions and challenges raised here.

We all hope to see you again for the 5th edition of the Bergen Conference in 2018 where we will try to deliver a program as good as this years


Thanks again to all who attended and the speakers who presented at our conference.

Yours Sincerely,
Steffen, Caroline, Knut and Helge Andreas


Keynote: Lee Anna Clark (US)
The Personality Disorder Scene In North America (DSM-5)
PDF Video
Keynote: Roger Mulder (NZ)
The Personality Disorder Scene in the Rest of the World (ICD-11)
PDF Video
Keynote:Paul Moran (UK)
Personality Disorder and Population Health
PDF Video
Keynote: Julian Somers (CAN)
SFU/UBC housing project
PDF Video
Keynote: John Clarkin (US)
Pragmatic Assesment of Personality Disorder
PDF Video
Keynote: Filip De Fruyt (BE)
Developmental Aspects of Personality Disorder
PDF Video
Keynote: Paul Nestor (US)
Personality Disorder and Risk
PDF None
Keynote: John Livesley (CAN)
Integrated Treatment
PDF Video
Keynote: David Bernstein (NL)
Schema Therapy
None None
Keynote: Shelley McMain (CAN)
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
PDF Video
Keynote: Anna Motz (UK)
Women, personality disorder and self-harm; speaking with the skin
PDF Video
Keynote: Anthony Bateman (UK)
Mentalizing, structured clinical management, and antisocial personality disorder
PDF Video
Keynote: Giancarlo Dimaggio (IT)
Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy for Personality Disorder
PDF Video
Keynote: Mary McMurran (UK)
First do no harm: Avoiding adverse outcomes in personality disorder treatments
PDF Video
Keynote:Gwen Adshead (UK)
Gender Issues in Personality Disorder
PDF Video
Keynote: David Cooke (UK)
Personality Disorder and Forensic Practice: Toward the Unknown Region
PDF Video