Bergen International Conference
on Forensic Psychiatry
September, 2022

Archive 2014, on Psychosis

Here you will find the keynote presentations and their corresponding videos from the
2014 edition of the Bergen International Conference on Forensic Psychiatry.
We hope you will find this to be a valuable resource.


The 3rd Bergen International Conference on Forensic Psychiatry took place in September 2014. As with our previous two conferences, which both focused on psychopathy, this latest meeting brought together a range of internationally renowned experts and around 250 attendees from all over the world to discuss current issues in understanding, conceptualizing, treating and managing psychosis in our forensic mental health systems. It was an excellent meeting, which took place in brilliant sunshine in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with first class presentations from all of the speakers. We are very pleased to inform you that you can now access all the presentations through this website – please click on Presentations on the top menu of the Home page

We hope to see you all again at the 4th Bergen International Conference on Forensic Psychiatry in 2016 when we hope that the sun will shine on us once more.

Yours sincerely,
Vigdis, Knut, Steffen, Caroline, and Helge Andreas

Here we present the speakers and their corresponding abstracts: Bergenconference speakers and abstracts

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Keynote: Stephen Hart
The forensic relevance of psychosis
Keynote: Richard Bentall
The social determinant of psychosis
PDF Video
Keynote: Erik Johnsen
Current controversies on the pharmacological treatment of psychosis
PDF Video
Keynote: Gill Haddock
Current controversies in the psychosocial treatment of psychosis
PDF Video
Keynote: Kenneth Hugdahl
What is the current status of functional neuroimaging in psychosis
PDF Video
Keynote: Pamela Taylor
Beyond doubt? – Accurate assesment of delusions and its role towards delivering justice and safety
PDF Video
Keynote: Caroline Logan
Comorbidity: The forensic implications of co-occuring conditions
PDF Video
Keynote: Max Birchwood
The COMMAND trial: results from a multi-centre,randomised controlled trial of cognitive therapy to prevent harmful compliance with command hallucinations
PDF Video
Keynote: Max Birchwood
Pathways to violent aggresive behaviour during firs-episode psychosis:
Results from the UK national EDEN study of early intervention services
PDF Video
Keynote: Jenny Shaw
Suicide in people with psychosis in mental health services and prisons
PDF Video
Keynote: Hans Schanda
Psychotic patients as victims of neglect and violence
PDF Video
Keynote: Stål Bjørkly
The expert witness: Acts and facts in reconstructing a psychosis – violence link
PDF Video
Keynote: Kevin Douglas
Psychosis and risk assessment
PDF Video
Keynote: Nigel Eastman
Psychosis and criminal responsibillity: justice via psycho-legal mapping
PDF Video
Keynote: Linda Gröning
The rules on legal insanity: a debate
PDF Video