Bergen International Conference
on Forensic Psychiatry
October, 2020

Archive 2018, Neurocognitive Disorders


These are the films and presentations from the 4th edition of the Bergen Conference.

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We want to thank everybody who made an contribution and to all the delegates for making this edition of the Bergen Conference a truly wonderful experience.

We all hope to see you again for the 6th edition of the Bergen Conference in 2020

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Yours Sincerely,

Caroline, Knut, Helge Andreas and Steffen


Keynote: Adrian Raine (US)
The anatomy of violence: Dissecting the biological roots of crime
PDF Video
Keynote: Jane McCarthy (UK)
Characteristics of offenders with neurodevelopmental disorders
PDF Video
Keynote: Catrin Morrissey (UK)
Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities in the Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems
PDF None
Keynote: John Taylor (UK)
Offenders with intellectual disabilities: Roots, risks and remedies
PDF Video
Keynote: Grace Iarocci (CAN)
Social competence, restricted interests and the link to risky behaviour in persons with ASD
PDF Video
Keynote: Stephen White (US)
Autism and violence risk in workplace and academic settings: Threat assessment issues and guidelines
PDF Video
Keynote: Regi Alexander (UK)
People with autism in the criminal justice and forensic mental health systems
PDF Video
Keynote: Drew McAnespie (UK)
Risk assessment and management of people with autism spectrum conditions
PDF Video
Keynote: Eric Elbogen (US)
Traumatic brain injury and forensic mental health/criminality
PDF Video
Keynote: Audrey McKinlay (AUS)
Is childhood mild traumatic brain injury associated with adult criminal behaviour?
PDF Video
Keynote: Niklas Långström (SWE)
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and the link to violence
PDF Video
Keynote: Kaitlyn McLachlan (CAN)
Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Risks and needs
PDF Video
Keynote: Adrian Hayes (UK)
Older adults in prison and the problem of dementia
PDF Video
Keynote: Azrini Wahidin (UK)
Older women in prison
PDF Video
Keynote: Jane Senior (UK)
The health and social care needs of older offenders
PDF Video
Keynote: Ian Freckleton QC (AUS)
Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Criminal Responsibility and Criminal Culpability
PDF Video