Bergen International Conference
on Forensic Psychiatry: Neurocognitive Disorders
23rd - 25th October, 2018


 5th Bergen International Conference on Forensic Psychiatry: 

Neurocognitive Disorders Across the Lifespan

23rd – 25th of October, 2018

The Bergen Conference invites only the most knowledgeable and informed speakers. For our upcoming conference, in October 2018, we have engaged world leading experts in neurocognitive disorders within the field of forensic mental health. The conference will present the latest scientific research and insights made in the practical treatment and management of people with neurocognitive disorders in forensic settings.



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The themes we will explore in the 5th Bergen International Conference on Forensic Psychiatry are:

Neurocognitive Disorders | Intellectual Disability
Autism Spectrum Disorders | Traumatic Brain Injury | Foetal Alcohol Syndrome
Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder | Age, Dementia and Offending | Legal Issues 

Concepts and Assessment 
Diagnostic Issues | Risks and Links to Offending
Risk Management | Treatment and Positive Change

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